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Dong Yuan Lian Hai


Weifang Dongyuan Lianhai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. 

Weifang Dongyuan Lianhai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale chemical enterprise registered by the relevant state departments and reused with bitter brine. It mainly produces magnesium chloride, magnesium sulfate, bromine, potassium chloride, industrial salt, caustic soda, baking soda and other products. We warmly welcome Everbright customers to come to guide and negotiate business!





No. 8, Haineng Road, Longchi Industrial Park, Changyi City, Shandong Province

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Manager General

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Time flies,time Rusuo,Weifang Dongyuan Lianhai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. from scratch,still in the wind and rain to mature. Dong Yuan Lian Hai growth history is theresult community leaders and friends care about,is the crystallization all the Dong Yuan Lian Hai people work hard and courageously fight,condenses everyone'swisdom and sweat,it is worth all the Dong Yuan Lian Hai people proud,and continue to strive for.
Innovation,creation -the two kinds of spirits,is the source of the Dong Yuan Lian Hai people infinite power;the spirit of seek truth from facts is the importantguarantee for Dong Yuan Lian Hai career youthful; refine on spirit is the basic requirements for the sustainable development of the Dong Yuan Lian Hai.
With this idea,Dong Yuan Lian Hai will fight for achieving a higher corporate goal in the new starting point, be constantly looking for new breakthrough in the seasalt chemical industry field,guide the enterprise development trend with scientific developme nt concept,improve the overall economic benefits of the companypromote the adjustment of company management structure, drive the comprehensive development of the company.
With this idea,Dong Yuan Lian Hai adhere to people-oriented corporate culture,actively create a harmonious,open,equal,tolerance interior environment,providesa good platform to showcase for the employees,and gradually built to high level management,technical personnel as the core of professional and technicalpersonnel,staff quality and constantly improve the technological level, play a positive role in the production,operation and management of the company.
With this idea,Dong Yuan Lian Hai in response to the national call to the reformprocess,vigorously develop the circular economy,comprehensively treat the bitternwastewater of northern Weifang coastal area by using the technology of multiple combinations of crystallization,realize the real meaning of zero emission,greatlyimproves the inshore cultivation and mudflat aquaculture environment industry in coastal areas,make a great contribution to the protection of the marineenvironment.To build China's first brand of salt chemical industry at the same time,shouldering the social responsibility to promote the sustainable developmentstrategy.
The society in the vanguard,the enterprise in the progress,in this era full of opportunities and challenges,we will continue to adhere to the "pursuit of excellence,dedication to society" tenet,and vowed to "improve the quality of human life, achieve the world salinization brand " for the enterprise mission and value appeal,DongYuan Lian Hai Chemical Co. Ltd. will in a down-to-earth basis and the social from all walks of life together, hand in hand with saline colleagues for entering,createmore in the future, make due contributions to the revitalization of industry, the rise and fall of the country and the nation prosperous!