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Weifang Dongyuan Lianhai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. 

Weifang Dongyuan Lianhai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a large-scale chemical enterprise registered by the relevant state departments and reused with bitter brine. It mainly produces magnesium chloride, magnesium sulfate, bromine, potassium chloride, industrial salt, caustic soda, baking soda and other products. We warmly welcome Everbright customers to come to guide and negotiate business!





No. 8, Haineng Road, Longchi Industrial Park, Changyi City, Shandong Province

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Weifang Dongyuan Lianhai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. combines the practical experience of salt chemical companies at home and abroad, and combines various processes such as dehalogenation, evaporation crystallization, vacuum cooling, carnallite controlled decomposition, and other bitter brine recycling. The project has applied a variety of advanced technologies and equipment, such as “halogenation sodium-controlled decomposition crystallization” process, DTB crystallizer technology and other domestic advanced technologies, and built a leading domestic production line. On this basis, our company has independently developed large-particle magnesium chloride technology, which is the first in China. The project came into being under the call of the country to vigorously develop circular economy. The raw materials were taken from a large amount of bitter brine discharged from salt-producing enterprises in the northern coastal areas. After comprehensive treatment and utilization, the zero pollution in the true sense was achieved. The national energy conservation and emission reduction requirements have effectively improved the ecological environment of coastal areas. After inspection and certification by relevant departments, our company has won the title of National Key Encyclopedia of Circular Economy, which is an encouragement to the East China Sea and is also a spur.
The company is convinced that only innovation, Dongyuan Lianhai can last forever, only innovation, can take the road of sustainable development. With this concept, the company has established good cooperative relations with many colleges and universities, and hired many talents with many years of practical experience to give specific guidance, and always maintain the company's technological advancement and innovation vitality on the road of development. The company pursues a people-oriented cultural concept, advocates morality first, selects talents, uses energy, competes fairly, and grows together. With this philosophy, the company has established a professional team dedicated to dedication. We are convinced that we can create maximum benefits for our customers, companies and employees only through the best quality of service and the highest level of productivity. The company implements a strict self-assessment and continuous improvement system, follows a clear value orientation, is willing to accept the status quo, is dissatisfied with the status quo, listens to various ideas and opinions, continuously learns from the success and failure of the self, and is committed to improving the quality of human life and benefiting. Society, build the first brand of China's sea salt chemical industry.